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The Starlite concept was originally developed in 1994 to meet the needs and growing demands of clients in the houseboat market.  The Starlite brand has since evolved to meet the highest expectations of the most 'experienced' houseboat owners.
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If you want a quality houseboat without the high-cost then try a Starlite custom houseboat... a great alternative to Sumerset and an upgrade from a Myacht.Traditionally, manufacturers of bigger houseboats have not made the same options available as those found in a comparable Starlite model.

 Today, Starlite is pioneering a new way of doing business and providing new levels of service, quality and value to the 'first-time' and the 'experienced' houseboat owner.  

"Once the cruiser owners find out how much more room there is in our boats, for a lower price than they are paying now, we think they will start coming over to the houseboats in droves! We love our clients and want to offer them the most boat for their money. Our Starlite houseboats are not custom boats, but they do come with standard features which have traditionally been offered as custom options by our competitors." 

CEO, Starlite Houseboats, Inc

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Starlite Offers Houseboat Rentals in Florida, Tennessee, and New York. Starlite is the perfect choice for your family houseboat vacation.
We now offer houseboat rentals for 67' Starlite luxury houseboats in several great locations, along the Erie Canal in New York, Lake Powell in Arizona, Lake Havasu in Arizona and the St. John's River in Florida.  Starlite houseboat rentals is a great way for you to experience Starlite and a perfect way to spend your family vacation this summer...Come be captain for a week! 

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Rent or lease a Starlite Executive Coach / bus today for your summer vacation, NASCAR road trip with your pals, executive meeting, winter snow ski trip or other special occasion... From the exquisite custom built interior to the high-tech, high-class amenities you will enjoy a unique sense of comfort and style while on the road... It's the perfect luxury party bus.
Starlite Bus Rentals is the perfect solution for your special event or party bus rental.

12 Bunks for Bodyguards, Managers & Guests 
Private Flip-Down Color TV for Each Bunk 
2 Bathrooms 
Separate Shower! 
2 Salons Each with Home Theater System 
Dual Daytron In-Motion Satellite Systems on Board 
3 Video Sources with DVDs 
and more... 

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Starlite Offers Houseboat Rentals in Florida, Tennessee, and New York. Starlite is the perfect choice for your family houseboat vacation.

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Gage's Long Creek Marina, MO
Steele Creek Marina, NC
Milford McGuire, OK
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NEW: 15 x 60
   2 Bedroom, 2 Bath,
   Twin 3.0 L, 12.5 KW Gen,
   Flybridge, Party Top,
   Home Theater
NEW: 20 X 75
   Lake Powell legal! 3 Kings,
   2 Baths, Side Hall Design,
   Stainless Appliances,
   42" Plasma Home Theater,
   Hot Tub, Triple Arch,
   Unbelievable boat!
NEW: 15 x 67
   4 Beds, 2 Baths, Twin
   Merc. Diesels, 20 KW Gen,
   Bow Thruster, Party Top,
   Salt Water Aluminum,
   Hot Tub, Anodized Rails,
NEW: 16 x 68
   3 Beds, 2 Baths, 20 KW
   Gen, Twin Styer Diesels,
   42" Plasma Home Theater,
   Bow Thruster, 4000 W
   Inverter, Party Top, Hot
   Tub, Side Hall, Salt Water
   Aluminum, Anodized Rails
NEW: 18 x 83
   3 Beds, 2 Baths, Enclosed
   Stairway, Twin Merc
   Diesels, 20 KW Gen,
   42" Plasma Home Theater,
   Party Top, Hot Tub, Side
   Hall Design, Salt Water
   Aluminum, Anodized Rails


1989 Sumerset 14 x 64
   2 Beds, 2 Baths, Twin 3.0L
   Mercs., Flybridge, Party
   Top, Screened Front Deck!
2000 16 x 74 Sumerset
   3 Beds, 2 Baths, Side Hall
   Design, Twin V8s, 15 KW
   Gen., Nice Master Suites,
   Party Top.
2003 10 x 35 
   Catamaran Cruiser

   1 Bed, 1 Bath, Generator,
   115 HP Honda 4 Stroke,
   Like New!
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 :: Starlite Breaks New Ground ::
 Coming Soon - 20' x 105 Yacht
 with 4 Master Suites, 3 Bath
 Office,  Pilot House,  Plus Crew
 Quarters for 2,  Loaded...


 ::: In the News :::
 Starlite Named by Inc. Magazine
 as a 'Best of the Web' Company... 


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Our custom houseboats are not only affordable, but they are also made from the highest quality components.

Starlite affordable custom houseboats, as seen in Houseboat Magazine.

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